Why Us

We Understand: exactly what it's like, to own a manufacturing unit. You put in your best - hard work, time, and effort and manage a lot of things. Great, when it pays off, but unfortunately many businesses lose out in the market despite having a good product and great plan for exports.

The results are frustrating. Yes! Marketing reality is different. Internet trends, Communication and buying patterns have huge changes today! And that's where we play an important role marketing for exporters.

Keep pace with Existing Market- From in-depth technical expertise in the advertising/marketing medium of the internet to time proven research and development (R&D) reach towards the sale of a product in a competitive export market (Market research, strategy building, internet campaigns, advertising design and execution...), we do it all, marketing for exporters until sales is executed successfully.

Cost Effective Solution: We take a monthly package ( salary ) of a single Marketing Manager alone( Our costs ) + % Incentives on every Order executed through us ( Our profit ). This cuts 75%-85% of your costs if you were to set your own in house marketing department and spend on Managers, Infrastructure, Telecallers, Internet Campaigns, website Development & Maintenance, SEO, International Call Charges, Electricity, Follow ups, Bulk emails, On/ Offline research and more..

International marketing .

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